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Our patients come to expect therapies that work, that heal, not harm. They become active participants in achieving their wellness. They get honest, thoughtful answers. They get treated with compassion and respect for the whole person that they are. They also know they will not be bankrupted in the process.

Patients throughout the nation have come to New Power Medicine with a wide gamut of challenging health problems and concerns. We’ve achieved remarkable recoveries using the best of natural medicine, judiciously combined with high-tech innovations.

Key modalities include Lifestyle Consultations, Intravenous Protocols, Stem Cell Injections, Anti-Aging Solutions, and Detoxification Therapies for a spectrum of illnesses. Breakthroughs are often achieved even after patients have consulted a myriad of mainstream specialists and holistic practitioners.

New Power Medicine is located in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida. We look forward to getting to know you.

“Wonderful! Joe gave eleven treatments to my husband in April and my husband is still pain free! My husband suffered from RA and on the third treatment he was pain free. Thank you New Power Medicine, he now has a good quality of life after taking prescribed medication for years. We will be back to get a tune up!”
God bless, TomiE
“After being in a car accident I developed terrible low back pain and also Sciatica. The Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy treatments have helped alleviate the extreme pain that was not allowing me to be as active as I was before the accident. I have been able to go without any pain medications, injections and have stopped seeing a Chiropractor thanks to these treatment sessions. I am able to continue my active lifestyle without the daily back pain.” Aly F.
“First I want to thank you guy's for all your help and understanding. Knowing that you believe. Nothing Feels as Good as Feeling Good. We are what we eat and drink. If we eat wrong, no doctor can cure us. If we eat right, no doctor is needed. What should we eat? A question far more complicated than we most health care professional understand or even prescribe for most of us. But you are not one of those Doctors.” George and Ruth
“I have to tell you I feel 99.9% today! I will be back on tomorrow for another Deep Oscillation treatment. I want to let my marketing contacts know about this service so they can refer to you for this treatment. I felt a little light headed for a couple of hours yesterday after the treatment but by about 10pm last night realized the pain was gone! Back in business today! Thank you!!!” Heather V.

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